With many years of experience from traditional measurement and in-depth knowledge of the market's most advanced equipment, SMT Nordic can meet the restrictive requirements for measurements even under the most demanding conditions.

Monitering af højhusbyggeri


Professional monitoring is about you getting the necessary information about movements, tensions and pressures when elements or buildings are moving when not supposed to.

We have exactly the instruments and equipment combined with knowledge needed to provide you with the exact information when movement tolerances are exceeded.

Our collaboration with our co-owners HLM Group, Angermeier and Geodata ensures us the interdisciplinary knowledge that allows us to call ourselves leading specialists in Scandinavia in the field of monitoring construction and construction projects. Read more about how it all started here.

Besides the right equipment, we also provide know-how. Our knowledge and specialized employees are what make our competences and solutions strong. This is the reason why we can provide security and trust based on competent guidance.


Our monitoring system, KRONOS, collects and combines data from the various sensors and instruments that we install. It makes it possible to get specialized evaluations and visualizations. In addition, the system reports and alerts the person responsible for the construction if changes occur in the monitored. The alarm can be send by either mail or by text message.

The measurement results are used for continuous monitoring of deformation behavior, technical and economic optimization and adaptation of the construction methods.

As the sensors automatically send information to KRONOS, there are no interruptions or disturbances in construction activities on the construction site.

If you would like to hear more about our monitoring system, please contact us.

Overvågning af fundament til byggeri
Monitering af fundament til byggeri

Monitoring work at the Natural History Museum, Copenhagen


Based on a dialogue with you about the project's risk factors, we advise you on the best method for monitoring the project. Naturally, we also make sure to select and install the right instruments.

What happens to the data?

All data from instruments and sensors is transferred to a so-called 'Oberserver Box-PC Observer Client', which continuously processes data and stores data on our server.

Through our web service, the user can view all data, either as overview tables or diagrams. It is also possible to download data to your own systems.

The system can be connected to telephone, text message service and e-mail, which gives notice if certain tolerances or parameters are exceeded.

It will be possible to show a snapshot of the current observations at any time, just as it is possible to follow movements and data. See the data flow below in a larger format here.

Below you can read more about the various monitoring instruments and sensors we can install. Of course, we make sure to select the method so that you can concentrate on any adjustments to the project. If you still want to dive into which instruments can be included in our setup for monitoring, read along here: