Equipment for monitoring

You don't need to know what equipment is needed on the project. As specialists, we advise and clarify together with you which needs, and solutions must be implemented to complete the project. We have a range of advanced instruments and sensors available for the data you need.

Our monitoring equipment can help clarify several conditions, whether you want to document groundwater levels or rises in the groundwater table, settlements, noise or vibrations in construction projects.

Let us monitor the project from A to Z, so you know the conditions and the opportunity to adapt them based on concrete knowledge and documentation.

Udstyr til Monitering

Our experience and knowledge help you achieve your goals

We have many years of experience from measurement of settlement of buildings and thorough knowledge of the market's most advanced equipment for monitoring. Even under the most demanding conditions, we meet the most restrictive requirements for the measurements. We use fully automatic total stations and leveling instruments which continuously or at planned intervals measure to the mounted prisms. Various instruments and equipment can be connected to this, such as inclinometers, weather stations, video surveillance or geotechnical sensors that we have available.

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Totalstation - Udstyr til Monitering
Total station

We use fully automatic total stations which continuously or at planned intervals measure to mounted prisms

Inklinometer - Udstyr til Monitering

With the measuring instrument, inclinometer, we can provide data about slopes on land or structures.

Extensometer -  Udstyr til Monitering

The extensometer measures the longitudinal displacement in a section of a borehole to a gaugeable position on a measuring head.

Tilt meter

Tiltmeter measures deviations in vertical structures, such as walls, facades or the like.

Load cells
Load cells

Load cells are used when measuring pressure on anchor loads.

Strain gauges
Strain gauges

With the sensors, Strain Gauges, we measure the load on braces and the like.

Måling af Grundvand

Do you need to know the groundwater level, or what kind of changes in the groundwater table there can be expected in a specific area?

We have the option of recording groundwater parameters over a defined period, and we naturally tailor the presentation of measurement data to your specific requirements.

Liquid levelling
Liquid leveling

With a floating leveling system, we measure the vertical movements of buildings and constructions.

Crack meter
Crack meters

Crack meters are used for high-precision measurements of cracks or construction-based joints.