In addition to all the right equipment, we sell know-how. Our knowledge and employees competencies make our solutions strong, and are the reason why we can deliver security and trust on the basis of competent advice.

In 2011, our team of specialists was tasked with monitoring the implementation of The City Ring in Copenhagen, followed by countless large and small projects with consultancy and monitoring.

Our collaboration with our co-owners HLM Group, Angermeier and Geodata ensures us the interdisciplinary knowledge that allows us to call ourselves leading specialists in Scandinavia in the work of monitoring of constructions and buildings with supplementary documentation.

Minimize risks with specialized advice

Do you have doubts about how your construction affects the surrounding buildings, roads or railway tracks? There can be a big difference in how much a building settles or how the construction affects the surrounding environment.

With our advice and monitoring system, you are notified immediately if settlements, oscillations or deformations occur. You get the exact data from the monitoring, and are notified when adjustments must be made, so that risks during construction are minimized.

You are welcome to let us advise you before construction starts, so that you can take special conditions and risks into account already in the planning phase. Even during the construction process, we are ready to assist with installing monitoring on the project - even in short notice.

Know how til overvågning af byggerier
SMT Nordic dividing line
Overvågning af tunnelbyggeri

Documentation provides security

If you need to document the measurement results, we can also help prepare reports that show the impact on your construction project. We also provide you with all the documentation needed to prove liability that can benefit your case.

”We ensure the necessary information to be able to make correct decisions. When drilling with very heavy machinery, it is important to be able to monitor the construction itself and the surrounding buildings, so you can intervene immediately if settlements, oscillations or deformations occur”

- Dieter Heinz, teknisk manager at SMT Nordic.