About us

Who are we?

We are specialists in monitoring, inspections and visualization. But we sell a lot more than equipment and information.

We would like to be our customers' preferred adviser when construction must be carried out safely. Together with our customers, we put together an intelligent monitoring solutions, based on the requirements and risk factors associated with the project.

We deliver a full-service package with everything from development, installation, maintenance, alarm system, visualization of data and documentation.

We create a monitoring system according to the customer's needs. The system monitors the project and ensures that our customers get the right information at the right time. In this way, we ensure that the customer can make the right decisions during the planning and implementation of the project.

Our history

We have provided information, security and an overview for our customers since 2011, when SMT Danmark was founded by the companies Angermeier Ingenieure and Geodata ZT and was given the task of monitoring the execution of the metro construction "The City Ring in Copenhagen" in Copenhagen - followed by a number of prominent projects, primarily in Denmark.

Over the past four years, SMT Denmark has had a close collaboration with HLM Landmåling, which in May 2020 chose to take over the company with Angermeier Ingenieure and Geodata ZT co-owners.

A strong collaboration now continues under the name SMT Nordic, which despite the name change, has the same competent specialists on the team, led by our technical director Dieter Heinz.


SMT Nordic is part of the HLM Group, which includes the companies HLM Surveying, De Fakto surveying and land management services, SMT Nordic and in addition the hardware and software companies Maxpartner and ITL - Inside the Lines.

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HLM Surveying is HLM Group's technical surveying company, which works on Denmark's largest construction projects. Read more about HLM here.

‍SMT Nordic offers the latest technology, secure operation and the best customer service in monitoring. The company stems from many joint monitoring projects carried out in Denmark in recent years under the name SMT Denmark.

‍De Fakto Consulting surveyors is a young land surveyor company with experienced forces behind it. De Fakto offers competences from a strong team of surveying and land management services. Read more her.

Maxpartner offers hardware for the construction and land surveying industry and has a good interaction with ITL and HLM. Read more her.

ITL - Inside the Lines has existed since 2019 and supplies licenses for all software from Autodesk and Bluebeam to contractors and consultants, including AutoCad, Revit and Civil 3D. Read more her..


Together, HLM Group offers our customers the latest technology, safe operation and the best customer service.


HLM Group has around 130 employees


SMT Nordic is based in Denmark, but works throughout Northern Europe


HLM Group has offices all over Denmark

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