Monitoring of Infrastructure

The infrastructure is crucial for the country's cohesion but is threatened by extreme weather conditions due to climate change and human activities that create strains.

Increased Risks and Extreme Weather

Climate change leads to more frequent extreme precipitation, increasing the risk of floods and damage to infrastructure such as roads and bridges, leading to operational disruptions and higher maintenance costs.

We Are Watching

We closely monitor risks associated with poorly constructed structures and natural hazards such as landslides and undermining that can affect railways, bridges, and roads. These risks pose a serious safety threat that can lead to structural collapse and, in the worst case, loss of human and animal life.

To address these challenges, we use:

  1. Satellite data for regular monitoring with updates every six days.
  2. Permanently installed sensors that continuously provide real-time data. 

This risk screening of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and railways enables precise mapping of critical zones and determines the need for further detailed monitoring.

We Ensure Your Safety

By using condition-based maintenance with satellite monitoring, we improve safety and save costs. This method provides real-time insight into the condition of the infrastructure, allowing us to identify and address issues quickly.

Intelligent Technology

Our intelligent technology uses sensors to collect ongoing data, which is displayed in graphics and alerts via specific software. This supports sample inspections and data analysis. The aim is to maintain the infrastructure, extend its lifespan, and predict failures to save expenses and ensure the safety of citizens.