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Get as much security as possible

We can help you and your business with almost everything within monitoring solutions. You get measurement results and information, that ensures you increased security.

Our expertise spans all levels within monitoring supported by systems, with visualizations of valid data - easy and clear.






At SMT, you and your business will receive
instrumentation and monitoring solutions,
which can communicate with each other and
our monitoring center.

So you get the solution that solves exactly your
needs - whether you want monitoring of
for example:



With our consulting solutions, you enhance the security and safety of your company and your projects.

We provide you with qualified consulting. And together we will find the solution that fits your company's monitoring needs - whether you need an analysis, design, or setup.

Monitoring Agreements

Confidently entrust your monitoring to us, so you can focus on your core business. You don't need to have knowledge or experience with monitoring.

Utilize our competencies and save yourself time, money, and worries, while we provide you with accurate and reliable data.

Control Center

Get help from the leading company in the Nordics for complex monitoring tasks. Let us handle surveillance and data 24/7/365.

We receive thousands of signals and phone calls daily and we respond as agreed. We are always on standby and ready to respond appropriately if a specific situation arises.


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